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Why Choose Eon?

First, all methods, tools, and chemicals have been proven successful on my personal vehicles before ever being offered to the public. After four years filled with countless client vehicles, the results can speak for themselves.

Second and most importantly, the passion I have for my work. Every aspect of my business, from detailing, to strong media presence, even the creation of my apparel comes straight from the heart. When I purchased my first vehicle I took great pride in taking care of it, and ensuring it was as clean as the day I bought it. That pride, along with an intense desire to succeed, is what inspired me to create the business you see before you today. It is said “To always  pursue your passion”. In my case, my passion followed me from my hometown of Pittsburgh all the way to Oak Harbor, where I am currently serving in the USN. I thank every current and future client for supporting Eon as I chase this dream.

-Blake Stoffel, Owner

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